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Baffle stays short to call the mental state that the vicious judge is, he is breaking his head trying to find a logical explication as to what induce him to indulge in such indecent act; he comprehended why the tattooed smurf appeared in his day dream, being him the only one with whom he had intimacy but that sort of interaction never once crossed his mind. After a good pair of headaches, the awful adviser concluded that his in lust absorbed state his common sense was blocked therefore he couldn't think properly; as for why he took delight in the transgression he owed to that being a delicate zone of the body, its sensitivity was enhanced when he was submerged in lewd placer.
Once all was clarified, the crude critic makes the decision of take some advises for himself:
1.) He will  restrain himself when fantasying, it scared him at what extent can one fall if they don't have control over oneself.
2.) He will end the agreement with Hefty and maintain things strictly professional, extendi
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In a Blink 4
                                       *Heee - -Heee*
    – *Huh*, there's that weird noise again, it sounds like a laugh, I have been hearing a lot of them lately, better smurf what it is it could be a smurf of the hovel and that would be a trouble. –
The author of unlucky books disposes to make a search of possibles causes for the strange noise but before he could think of where to start he finds himself interrupted.
    – Good afternoon Brainy. –
    – Speaking of troubles. –
It has passes mere weeks since that horrid encounter with his former companions but Papa Smurf continues visiting, still without avail in convince the exasperating smurf who whit each visit gets more ruthless and discourteous.
– Why we all have to get along?! Nature doesn't work that way! –
   – I know th
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Mature content
Prize Included Pt.2 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0
Mature content
Prize Included Pt. 1 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0
In a blink 3
Time passed very fast and it had been a month since the lecturing menace moved out of his hometown.
Oddly, everyone has taken this peace so well without the smartypants terrorizing the village on a daily basis that are unaware of his absence, this is in part due the silly smurf covering for him every rare time his presence was required. That is until one day the dear leader calls for the accident prone smurf.
– For what you need me Papa Smurf? –
– Clumsy, I need you and Brainy fetch me some herbs that are necessary for a new potion. –
– Uhh, Brainy? I think he's visiting King Gerald so I would go by myself, where do the plants grow Papa Smurf? –
– That's strange, why would Brainy would be visiting King Gerad. –
– Ahh... maybe he went to learn how things are going in the kingdom, we're in his forests after all. –
– Well, if you see him, tell him to come here, I haven't seen  him in a while. Come to think of it I have
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In a blink. Ch.2
Harsh noise of steps, stuff being throw and angered yells could be heard from the insides of the household as one gets closer so naturally Clumsy Smurf got worried about the welfare of his best friend. The dumb luck smurf hurries to enter, giving a wrong step and sliding on the floor until he smash against the owner of the home.
   –  CLUMSY!
   –  So - s - sorry Brainy. He apologizes as both friends stand up. –
   –  Never mind, get out of here, I want to be alone. –
   –  What's wrong? –
   –  None of your business. Now leave. –
   –  *Ouh.* Okay, if you need just call me. –
The sweet but dumb smurf directs to the door but in a change of mind, he is stooped.
   –  Clumsy wait. –
   –  Yeah Braiy? –
   –  Close the door, I don't want anyone to hear. –
   –  Okay! Whatever you say. –
The two true blue friends are currently sit in the living room across the ot
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Mature content
Simple Thoughts. PWTIS Ch. 7 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 1
In A Blink
In a inaccessible part of a forest that has been under the guard of the monarchy since the regiment of the child King Gerald, lives a society of blue skinned beings in a colony of buildings imitating a mushroom patch. With a  physic similar to humans and around 7 inches, they are denominated smurfs.
It is unknown why they consist purely of males, why the only existing females were born through magic of even if there is more specimens of this race in the world. The three women, refereed as smurfettes, were created centuries after the establishment of this civilation and seem to be the only ones that had ever existed, leaving the interrogative of how this beings appeared in nature.
It was registered in their books that during a period of five years a stork carries 100 newborn smurfs to the village to be raised by an already existing smurf that was appointed as the leader. This peculiar creatures are born in groups of seven to ten babies and send one by one during a month to their aw
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War For Cakes
In a rather large patch of colorful mushrooms there is a celebration developing, the humanoid forest creatures of blue skin and withe clothes are having a party for escaping from another lethal threat to their lives and for that, Greedy, the one responsible for the sweets, created a new kind of candy that has all with their mouths watering from just smelling it. To prevent a riot for the confection, Papa Smurf dismissed all except the food handlers from the cooking lab.
Naturally, Brainy insisted in being the guardian of said desserts to make sure that no smurf would attempt to take a early bite of them; even though all the presents protested about the irrational decision, the smart-ass wasn´t be stopped from taking the treats to the library and lock himself within the halls of books only read by their creator.
   – Heeh- Heeh. With everybody out of the way I can have one for my self.–
Just as his fingertips where to touch one of the sweets, a voice echoes through the room.
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Mature content
Willpower. PWTIS. Ch6 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0
Mature content
Munchies. Ch. 2 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0
Glorious Morning
      – Hello? Chef are you here?–
A smurf enters the dinning building with the hope that the ones responsible of their meals had left something prepared since his stomach is grumbling to be feed and can not wait a few hours before dinner; not receiving any response he walks to the kitchen that is located at the back of the fake mushroom.
      – Well, I might as well smurf me smurfthing.–
In there the starving blue creature rumbles through the cabinets looking for something that he at least could make, by chance he stumbles into a trap-door inside the storage room, entering in the unknown basement the starving smurf finds several barrels placed horizontally in a large cabinet with faucets attached at their bottom.
     – What in the smurf is this? I smurf what could be there, well it wouldn't hurt to smurf.–
Spotting a wooden glass the curious being serves himself the mysterious content, is a semi transparent reddish liquid of strong and sweet aroma
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Mature content
New Method Ch.2 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 0 0
Mature content
Unnoted. PWTIS Ch.5 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 3
Mature content
Munchies Pt.2 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0
Mature content
Stipulations. PWTIS Ch. 4 :iconinspectorrunge:InspectorRunge 1 0


Flexing by KayAyeZee Flexing :iconkayayezee:KayAyeZee 223 11 Waking up on the wrong side by mindloop Waking up on the wrong side :iconmindloop:mindloop 475 34 Sauna Time -A 2009 pic- by hearmenowu2 Sauna Time -A 2009 pic- :iconhearmenowu2:hearmenowu2 274 13 did you ever notice this by hearmenowu2 did you ever notice this :iconhearmenowu2:hearmenowu2 136 30 Billy Basic Military Training by HSMuscleboy Matt by bbwannabe Billy Basic Military Training by HSMuscleboy Matt :iconbbwannabe:bbwannabe 166 3 Tim Posing Onstage by HSMuscleboy Matt by bbwannabe
Mature content
Tim Posing Onstage by HSMuscleboy Matt :iconbbwannabe:bbwannabe 145 7
Big Hiccup by inhonoredglory Big Hiccup :iconinhonoredglory:inhonoredglory 445 27
::HTTYD - Bullies::
You Don't Mess with Dragon Riders
Berk, a place where it snows six months of the year and hails the other three, where nothing edible grows, and the inhabitants, the Vikings, tough men bred for killing and generally bashing dragons' brains out of their heads were not those normal drunks to go mess around with. Or else you shall find yourself in the Healer's tent and shall be treat none too gently, either.
Berk, home to the fiercest kind of barbarians there is and the devils of the seven seas. Berk, home to many kinds of dragons who gave even the Vikings problems. Berk, where only fools dare to wage war on sea or even on land.
Berk, where the weathers are always irritating. At least to a skinny blacksmith's apprentice, anyway.
"I can't see a thing," Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III groaned as he tried to look through the thick curtain of fog that had settled down on his town for the last two days, squinting to focus on subtle things that can help him tell where he was. Well, where h
:icontwilightwitch197:TwilightWitch197 34 24
Sunlight poured into the room. Hiccup slowly drifted into consciousness.  
Toothless looked up at his friend and tilted his head as if to ask, "What?"  
"It's nothing big. It's just, THAT happened again."
Toothless looked up at the sky as if to say, "Why me?" He stared at Hiccup. Hiccup stared back. "What!?" Toothless just shook his head and got up. He headed for the door.
"And where are you going?" Hiccup was curious. Lately, Toothless has been wandering off on his own. Toothless just looked at him.
"Seriously, where are you going?"
Hiccup just gave him an innocent smile before making a quick exit.
Hiccup looked at where Toothless was just a minute ago.
"Should I? Probably a bad idea… Oh, well."
Hiccup put on his shoe and slowly got up. He wasn't completely used to his fake leg, but he was getting there. Hiccup grabbed a couple of things, his walking pole for one, and left. As soon as he got out, he was almost hit by a tail th
:iconremnantxxx:RemnantXXX 35 88
...Bubbles?... Part 1 by Bintavivi ...Bubbles?... Part 1 :iconbintavivi:Bintavivi 123 96
HTTYD Fic: Game
"I don't like this game anymore!!" Hiccup cried as he ran around the lake that was in the middle of a beautifully green trench.
There was a rumble and Hiccup ducked as a black dragon jumped over his head, clearly trying to tackle him. Hiccup changed direction and ran the other direction, his little body getting extremely tired. Toothless whipped around and followed, prancing happily, clearly enjoying chasing the boy around.
'This is the last time I play tag with Toothless!' Hiccup thought, breaths puffing out of him faster than he was running. It has started out innocently enough, Hiccup had a day off from Dragon Training and of course he had run down to his favorite trench to be with his favorite dragon.
They had been bored for awhile, just lounging around like sacks of potatoes till Hiccup got the "brilliant" idea to play tag. He had carefully explained it to Toothless and the smart dragon seemed to have figured it out okay. Hiccup had been "it" first and he spent a long
:iconhorseluver65:Horseluver65 70 46
Hiccup decided to take a walk through the village one day. He was about to turn the corner but stopped when he heard a familiar, shrill, voice behind him, "YO HICCUP! C'MERE!" He turned around to see Ruffnut coming toward him, none too happy.
Hiccup thought about running, but before he could decide, Ruffnut grabbed his arm and pulled him toward a sitting rock, near by. She pushed him on to the seat and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Is there something you need Ruffnut?" Hiccup asked.
"I need you to work the knots out of my hair." Ruffnut demanded more than asked.
Hiccup looked very confused.
"My mom normally does this but she's busy. My brother's an ass and all my dad will do is rant about how I care too much about my hair!" She threw her arms up.
Hiccup marinated on the subject a bit. "Ok." he agreed and smiled up at the blonde viking. She smiled back, blushing a bit.
Taking a seat next to the boy, she began to undo one of her braids. Hiccup took her other braid and began to
:iconzombierose:ZOMBIEROSE 63 64
How To Care for a Blacksmith
The sun was warm, which was strange for the normally freezing days of Berk. Astrid sighed softly as she rested against Hiccup's chest, the young man in question was half asleep, a relaxed grin on his lips. Astrid smiled, her thumb brushing over the back of Hiccup's hand, mindlessly brushing over the skin under the sleeve of his tunic.
She took in a deep breath of the sun warmed air, totally relaxed before she felt something on Hiccup's skin. Opening her eyes, she looked down to see several scars covering his wrists, along with a few old burn marks. The tiny scars ranged from barely the size of a needle, to longer and closer in size to one of her Nadder's spikes.
"Astrid?" glancing up she gave Hiccup a look before going to her knees and hauling his arms with her.
"What is this?!" she demanded.
"Wah-Astrid, that's my arm! Which you're pulling rather roughly, might I add." He answered, half nervous and half still asleep.
"No." She said slowly, like she was speaking to a young child, "I me
:iconzandriaxox:ZandriaXoX 127 12
Revenge at the Haunted Spring 1 by masterrohan Revenge at the Haunted Spring 1 :iconmasterrohan:masterrohan 111 97
Let me love you :SnotxHiccup:
"What in Thor's name are you doing?"
"What's it look like?" Snotlout snapped. Snoutlout has always been known for being dumb, arrogant, and a bully. Two of those traits would explain this situation.
Hiccup had went to bed, the night before, hoping to wake up and have a peaceful day of fishing and riding Toothless in circles until they puked. But instead of waking up to a nice sunset, his eyes were greeted with the sight of a topless Snotlout, flexing his muscles in a manner that he normally did with Astrid(Who had decided that she enjoyed Ruffnut more than males and ran off with blonde).
"It looks like your being the village idiot. This is my lodge Snot, yours is three lodges over."
"I know where my own lodge is fish bone!" Snotlout flexed his biceps. "Then go there. Your disgusting display makes me want to vomit, and I was planning to do that later!"
Hiccup threw the blanket off his body, swung his legs over the bed, and proceeded to attatch his metal foot. Snotlout watched this ritua
:iconzombierose:ZOMBIEROSE 41 63
Snotlout's Lines: Pillow Color by InuyashaWarrior Snotlout's Lines: Pillow Color :iconinuyashawarrior:InuyashaWarrior 22 4



Current Residence: Mexico
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Goku, from DB
Is frustating and botheresome when I have an idea compleatly developed for a scene in a fic yet I can't translate it into sentances. What is very funny is that when I reach that point, I'm perfectly capable of writting other story, and in some occasions I can get at the same level that the fic I'm stock! If I came to a stop in that one , I distract my mind by staring another fic! So I wander between the three, usually advancing more in the new ones if the first one has some time being worked.

And that is the case I'm current with, I'm stuck in a Xiolin Showdown fic and a Smurfs fic, erasing the stress for failing at continue with them by doing the following chapter in my Smurf series;  what keeps bugging me is the fact that I already have ideas for develope these three tales.

I will take some days off of writting to see if i can relax my mind and hopefully when I retrun, I can proceed.



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